Zaahara Marissa Regular Prayerwear (NEW)

$60.00 SGD
Color: Black

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Why the Marisa Prayerwear? 


Marisa prayerwear is made from Nylon material (think Parka / raincoat), which is light (200g for the Set with Bottom Skirt, 160g for the top only) water resistant, quick-dry.

How is it different from the Sofia Prayerwear? 

1. Different material. 

Sofia is made from Polyester Mix. Marisa prayerwear is made from Nylon material (think Parka / raincoat).

2. Smaller Pouch Bag. 

Sofia pouch Bag is 20cm x 20cm. Marisa pouch bag is 9cm x 12cm. 

3. Plain - no embroidery

Marisa has no embroidery on the borders and the bag. Its material is not suitable for embroidery. It is made with simple-practical-to-go mindset. 

4. Longer top

To avoid the top from flimsing over your head when you do your sujud, the top is longer than the usual length of Sofia top.

If you're choosing Marisa with sleeve, you do not have to worry about the top going over your head during sujud, as the sleeves will stop this from happening. 

5. Different weight 

Sofia weights about 400g, while Marisa weights about 220g for the top-bottom set, and 160g for the sleeved-top-only.

Will it fly under the fan?

Yes. It will. It is suitable for air-conditioned area (shopping malls musolla), and for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and diving where the prayerwear will be light to be brought around and that it can dry easily. You can pin your top should you decide to use it under the fan!


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