Where No One Can See Me (Asmaul Husna Series)

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Asma'ul Husna Series

Al-Basir: The All-Seeing

Where No One Can See Me is a debut book from the Asma'ul Husna series, which aims to illustrate Allah's names and attributes to children in a highly engaging and memorable way. This book allows children to easily understand and internal iso the meaning of Allah's name, Al-Basir, through story-telling, so that it is readily relatable. This book centres around Ilham, a character who disobeyed his mother's instructions only to learn that whatever actions are hidden will eventually be revealed. 

 What would you do if you knew no one was watching you?

Adny and his brothers were given a task by their father. They had to find a place where no one could see them. Andy looked around. Silence. No one in sight. Perfect. He found just the spot... or so he thought.

Dimensions: 25cm x 21cm

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