The Window's Secret (Asmaul Husna Series)

Product Description

Asma'ul Husna Series: As-Samee'

On a trip to visit his relatives in Indonesia, Ilham is intrigued by Maryam, his cousin. Every night he notices her praying by the window and each time, her prayers are always answered. Why were her prayers answered and not his? What was it about that window?

It takes a magical journey for him to find out the answers to his questions.


Teach children the magnificence of Allah through His names. Allah has so many great qualities and children can easily learn about them through stories. Only when you truly know someone can you truly love them. Fall in love with Allah by knowing Him through His names.

Our Asma’ul Husna stories are inspired by stories of the past and retold by adding elements that children can relate to. Join our central character, Ilham, as he discovers the gems of Allah’s names.


Dimensions: 25cm x 21cm

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