The Power of Repentance

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We are all sinners. No human being has ever walked this earth unscathed from sins.

But how is a person supposed to enter Jannah if he can’t help but commit sins day and night? Are those who enter Jannah human beings who never disobey Allah and have live life untainted by sins? Or is there justification for sinners to attain Allah’s blessings in their life?

Dr. Yasir Qadhi unravels the very essence of repentance and what does repentance really mean to sinners like us. His explanation touches on the true role of a sinner and what are the steps to repent and thus, to gain Allah’s forgiveness.

Author : Dr. Yasir Qadhi
Format : Paperback
Length : 58 pages
Language : English
Dimensions: 17.78cm x 12.7cm
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