SPECTRUM: 40 Hadiths On Life

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40 Prophetic Narrations for Navigating Through Life

The science of Hadith is undeniably one of the most important studies in Islamic intellectual and spiritual tradition. Muslims have from the advent of Islam strived to preserve the traditions of the Prophet ﷺ through producing Hadith works, disseminating and learning the narrations of the Prophet ﷺ.

Hadith literature exists in a multitude of forms and amongst the many forms is the forty Hadith genre. While al-Nawawi’s forty Hadith is the more known compilation, he was not the only author nor the first of this genre. History narrates that the first ever forty Hadith work was written by ‘Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak who died in the year 182 A.H., 400 years before al-Nawawi. After Ibn al-Mubarak, scholars have continued to produce forty Hadith works till this very day.

A primary reason why scholars throughout history were encouraged to collate forty Hadith compilations is due to a number of Hadith that speaks about the merits of learning or memorising forty Hadith. Numerous narrations speak of the merits of learning 40 Hadith. Despite the fat that these merits were narrated by more than ten companions, scholars agree that all of these narrations are in fact weak. But knowing the the Hadith does not contain any legal or faith implication, scholars depend on these Hadith anyways as a form of encouragement to learn and disseminate Hadith study. Other reasons scholars wrote forty Hadith were to facilitate Hadith literacy in community as well as to continue the tradition of Hadith compilation and writing. 

Spectrum aims to preserve and continue this prestigious and effective method of disseminating awareness of the Prophetic traditions. This compilation focuses on contemporary and practical themes that Muslims face daily. The narrations are selected meticulously with the intent to provide a comprehensive set of Prophetic guidance in assisting ones journey in manoeuvring through the challenges and tribulations of what we refer to as life.

95 pages

  • About the Compiler

    Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri is the managing director of Alqudwah Academy, an Islamic Institution based in Singapore specialising in delivering quality Islamic classes. He graduated from the International Islamic University of Malaysia with a degree in Quran and Sunnah studies.

    Prior to that, he spent five years in Madinah studying Hadith. For the past twenty years, Hidayat has been involved with numerous educational projects that promotes the awareness towards the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ through various mediums in Singapore.

    Hidayat loves cats and has adopted three of his own.

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