Marina Men's Modest Swim Shorts S2103

Product Description

Our groundbreaking, officially patented and registered shorts are a revolutionary step forward in men's modesty attire. The soft lycra lining ensures that the belly button and knees are always completely covered, while the durable and breathable woven outer fabric is complemented by an elastic waistband for unbeatable comfort. Plus, its quick-drying capabilities make it ideal for swimming!

Size S

Shorts- Waist Circumference: 80cm

Shorts-Hip Circumference: 114

Shorts - Side Length:51cm

Shorts-Leg Circumference: 54cm

Tights-Hip Circumference:100cm

Tights- Side Length: 60cm

Tights-Leg Circumference: 34cm

$59.00 SGD $75.00 SGD
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