Bubble Potion Golden Mely (270ml)

Product Description

A latest formulation that gives out a lot of foam with shimmering effect.

What is a Bubble Potion? Bubble Potion is a foam essence in the form of a fragrant concentrated liquid that is intended to produce a large amount of foam & shimmering effect. The shimmering dust will not stain your bath tub as well as your skin as it is made from minerals that are good for your skin. Not only that, Bubble Potion is safe to use by all levels of age and free from SLS and Paraben. 

Scent: Lily + Chamomile

Weight: 270ml

Product Dimensions: 6cm x 9cm

How To Use:

  1. Pour Bubble Potion (approximately 3-4 cap) on an empty tub underneath the tap.
  2. Fill in the tub with water, an aim running water directly on the Bubble Potion.
  3. Agitate the water if needed by moving your hand in the water side by side rapidly to grow the bubbles. Pour more Bubble Potion (1/3 of the bottle) to enjoy the shimmering effects.
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