Bint Al Akabir - Air Freshener (320ml)

Product Description

Oud & Floral

Water-based Oud linen and air freshener from Khadlaj Perfumes is a newly developed MAHASIN range of home fragrances. A luxury product that can be an acute choice as a gift or for your daily home use. Different packaging is designed for each type of fragrance and is very unique, elegant, and immaculate. Stain-free formula with a long-lasting tendency is safe to be used in cars, upholstery, and curtains. Bottled using the latest diffusion trigger technology. The fragrance is atomized to diffuse in the air creating a blissful environment. Hold the bottle, press the trigger, and let the automated spray mechanism do the magic for you. Two-second automated spray sequence. Transform your surroundings into an instant aura of freshness and relaxation. Alcohol-free with 100% natural ingredients, you can confidently freshen your home every day.

A perfect blend of floral, oriental, and musky fragrance. With ingredients developed effectively to make your ambiance fragrant. can be used in curtains, carpets, bed linen and clothes while ironing.

Top: frangipani, bergamot
Middle: jasmine, strawberry
Base: ylang-ylang, sandalwood


Oud linen • Sejadah Spray • Perfume Sejadah  


Packaging Dimensions: 8cm x 8.3cm x 36cm

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