Peranakan Oud (Unisex)

Product Description

Peranakan Oud is the very heart of our collection. This unisex, deep soul-searching, unexpected and poetic scent is a collection of unique and surprising olfactory notes, which freely explore new facets of emotion.

Peranakan literally means "Child of the Land". Today it is often used to describe families with Strait's Chinese and Malay partners, fusing the two dissimilar cultures into one. This perfume celebrates the unique aromas of the Peranakan culture. 

This fragrance takes the classic Oud and makes it slightly soft with Tonka bean, Praline and Green Tobacco leaves.

This fragrances is for both men and women. It touches the heart and speak directly to the senses, with sobriety and intensity.

"The scent of refined, tender, warm and woody Oud can only be experienced, not explained."


$28.00 SGD

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