Oud & Mukhallat (MA)

Product Description

Oud and Mukhallat oils are a wonderful addition to your scent collection.  They’re portable and gentler on your skin since they don’t contain alcohol.  Another benefit, the oil will help moisturize your skin.  Here are a few quick tips on how to get the most out of your perfume oils.

Why choose perfume oil over fragrance oil? 

Perfume oils are more concentrated and will stay on your skin longer.  Since they use roller balls for application, you can control how much you use.  Just remember less is more. You don’t want your scent to linger long after you’ve left a room.

Know your pulse points

Your pulse points are best.  They’re the places on your body where you can find a heartbeat.  The warm spots that deserve a little attention.

  • On your wrist.
  • Inside the elbow.
  • The base of your neck.
  • In your cleavage. Be sure to apply this before you put on your clothes to avoid staining fabric.
  • Behind the knee
  • Behind your ear

Wherever you apply your scent, a little swipe of the roller applicator is all you need.

Best time to apply

The best time to apply is when you’re fresh out of the shower and your skin is clean and damp.  Apply an unscented moisturizer wherever you’re going to use your scent.  This will make the oil last longer on your skin.  You can also rub vaseline on your pulse points before applying a perfume oil.

Best way to apply

Always apply perfume oil before putting on your clothes.  You want to keep the oil away from jewelry, clothing and any fabrics when applying.  

What not to do with your oils.

Never rub the oil into your skin. It won’t make the scent last longer and you’ll crush the structure of the fragrance.  The scent will change and smell different. Definitely not something you want to happen.

Best way to store.

Store your perfume oils in a cool place, never in direct sunlight.

Experiment with your oils

As wonderful as it is to have a signature scent, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.  Swipe on two different scents to create something new.

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