Melon Scented Candle - Fruity Series

Product Description

Hand pour soy wax with wood wick

Scent: Watermelon + Mango + Melon
Weight: 165gm
Approximate Burn Time: 30 Hours

Introducing our Melon Scented Candle which has 3 layers scents that will captivate you straight away! The smell is sweet, refreshing, and fruity of course. Each layer has different smell and the transition will enlighten your day! One of our bestseller.

Scents and Benefit:

  • Watermelon: Fresh smell and cheer your up.
  • Mango: Relaxing and sweet smell.
  • Melon: Relaxing, uplifting & renewing.

Why choose Qowiy Scented Candle?

  1. Have 7 different types of scent to choose from, with different smells and benefits to offer! Romantic, Calming, Refreshing, De - stress and many more!
  2. We use 100% premium soy wax. No paraffin.
  3. High quality therapy oils.
  4. We also use wooden wick for more even burning and to avoid tunneling in candle.
  5. Approximate burning time is 30hours. People said even longer if using candle warmer.
  6. Strong and nice scents, can be smell even outside parcel! but not too strong until you got headache! 
  7. Great as gift
                  $21.00 SGD
                  Maximum quantity available reached.

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