Mabrur Audio Haji Umrah

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Guide to prayer & translation for Umrah & Pilgrimage


1) Prayer at Arrival (Mecca-Medina) & Talbiyah Reading

2) The intention of Umrah and Prayer After the intention of Ihram

3) Prayer Into the Sacred Mosque & viewing the Kaaba

4) Prayer of the 1st Round Tawaf to the 7th

5) Prayer Among the Pillars of Yamani and Beat Aswad

6) Prayer After Sunnah Prayer behind Maqam Ibrahim

7) Prayer While Climbing Shafa Hill Before The Beginning

8) Prayer Above Shafa Hill When Beginning of Prayer 1st Journey to 7th

9) Prayer among the 2 Green Pillars, Climbing Shafa Hill & Marwah Hill

10) Prayer During Tahallul and After Tahallul (Umrah) Hajj intention and Prayer after Ihram intention

11) Wukuf prayer in Arafat, throwing of Jumrah Aqobah

12) Haircut Prayer or Tahallul Awwal (Hajj) Prayer After Throwing 3 Jumrah

13) Prayer Tawaf Wada & Prayer Wada ‘Prayer Al-Ma’surat

14) Murottal Al-Quran Surah Selection

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