Inai Republic - Henna Mommy 10ML

Product Description

Inai Republic - Modern Henna using premium henna for the perfect stain for your nails. 

Comes in beautiful colours  

  1. Red 
  2. Brown
  3. Pink
  4. Maroon
  5. Black


  • Wudhu | Solat Friendly 
  • Strengthen and treat nails 
  • For Fungal protection 
  • Natural and Safe 
  • Lab tested and KKM approved 
  • Using natural ingredients 


  • Clean nails from any dirt or oil 
  • Buff nails leaving it look neat and clean 
  • Clean nails from any debris (from buffing)
  • Apply first coat on nails, let it dry 
  • Apply a few more coats as desire (the more the darker) 
  • Leave it to dry for at least 3 hours or even longer (best use at night, leave it overnight)
  • Then peel off , avoid washing with soap 
  • If you need a shine, buff nails 
  • After 5-7 days, apply a few more coats to retain colour


$21.00 SGD
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