Product Description

- Kacamata Kesehatan Anti Radiasi Dewasa

- Kacamata Kesehatan Anti Radiasi Anak ( warna Pink atau Biru )

- Lap kacamata

- Kartu / Sertifikat keaslian

Inner Box


1) Functioning as anti-blu ray / anti blue light, anti radiation, anti UV, anti electromagnetic wave

2) Increase red blood cells around the eyes, smoothen blood around the eyes, can prevent nearsightedness, farsightedness, dry eyes and other eye diseases

3) Overcome eye organ disorders by increasing the amount of oxygen to reduce fatigue and refresh tired eyes

4) Blood circulation around the eyes to reduce symptoms such as the condition of eye muscles that are stressed and pain in the neck and shoulders due to prolonged stay in front of electronic devices

5) Reducing symptoms of mild eye disorders due to exposure to sun's ultraviolet radiation and radiation of electronic devices so that in the long run it can prevent various eye diseases

6) Reducing the level of air pollution, exposure to fine particles of dust, smoke and environmental pollution that enters the eye by balancing the levels of ions around the eyes

7) In terms of trendy and fashion very light and comfortable and suitable for all face shapes

8) Glasses lenses are made of materials that can protect the eyes from UVA, UVB and Blue Light

9) The eyeglass frame is made of TR90 material that is flexible, lightweight, and strong with negative ion coated and Far Infra Red


Kacamata kesehatan anti radiasi memiliki Lensa kacamata terbuat dari bahan yang bisa melindungi mata dari sinar UVA, UVB dan Blue Light
Frame kacamata terbuat dari bahan TR90 yang lentur, ringan, dan kuat dengan di lapisi ion negatif dan Far Infra Red

Key Buying Factor :
Sampai saat ini belum ada produk sejenis yang merupakan perpaduan dari bahan frame kacamata yg memancarkan ion dan FIR yang di padukan dengan lensa yang bersifat sebagai anti radiasi sinar biru , UVA, dan UVB.

$80.00 SGD
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