Bath Bomb Bundle - Fruity

Product Description

Handmade Fresh Bath bomb


- Melon (Scents Watermelon Melon, Colour Green Red)

- Tropical (Scents Peach Mango, Colour Orange Yellow)

- Berry (Scents Strawberry Grape, Colour Pink Blue)

Bubble Potion: Pineapple, Strawberry (5ml, 1ml)

    How to use

    1. Fill in the bathtub / barrel / water tub with warm water - (1 bath bomb can be used for 30-50 gallons of water)
    2. Drop the bath bomb (you can add more bath bomb or mix it with bath crumb / bath salt for extra-enjoyable experience) 
    3. Enjoy the show! (When it starts to contact with water it will begin to swirl on the water surface, the bath bomb will become fizzy and releasing a wonderful fragrance and colour.) This is the Insta-worthy moment where you may want to take a photos / video.
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