Scented Candle - (Classic Blue) English Pear Freesia & Sakura

Product Description

Hand pour soy wax with wood wick

Scent: English Pear and Freesia + Sakura  
Weight: 165gm
Approximate Burn Time: 30 Hours

Introducing our first ever scented candle series, the Classic Series. This one sold 300pcs in 30 minutes after launching and has been selling great ever since! 

The Classic Blue combine therapy oils of English Pear and Freesia and Sakura that gives out smells earthy, classic and elegant. 

Scents and Benefits:

  • English Pear and Freesia: Smells nice, light, and floral with a hint of warmth. It's a light, relaxing scent with underlying earthy hints of patchouli just to balance the scent. Relaxing and uplifting, this is a wonderful scent for your home.
  • Sakura: Smells flowery but soft and relaxing.

Why choose Classic Blue Scented Candle?


  1. A combination of 2 powerful and balance aroma that compliment each other.
  2. We use 100% premium natural soy wax. No paraffin.
  3. High quality therapy oils.
  4. Instead of using normal cotton wick (sumbu tali) we use double layer wooden wick that helps warm the candle fairly to avoid tunneling and a better scent throw.
  5. Longer burning time than ordinary candle with approximately 30 hours burning time and scents hold even longer with Candle Warmer. 
  6. Some candle may cause you head-ache because of the strong scent but not with classic candle. The smooth and well-thrown scent that blend nicely that give enough scents to fill your small-moderate space that you can even smell it when unboxing the parcel.
  7. Suitable for gift.


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