Digital Azan Wall Clock in Black

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Dimension 30cm.


Concern 1:
Will Azan be suitable for Singapore timing?

Yes, kindly select city as Singapore: 65. It will run automatically after which.

Concern 2:

The Azan time differs by 1-3 mins after selecting the city. How do I make it precise?

You can adjust it to be precise by following instruction on page 14 of user manual. Move the timing forward or backward accordingly.


- Complete azan for all prayers with volume control.

- Prayer times for the most cities around the world.

 - Analog with LCD to display Azan time and date.

 - To easy setting, programming the city in a clock.

 - according to the alphabetical order and city code.

 - Prayers alarm changes automatically according to azan time.

 - Daily alarm that can be adjusted to ring only in working days.

 - Multiple azan sounds with prayers.

 - Qibla direction (relative to the North).

 - Hijri and Gregorian calendar, with show weekdays.

- Time display in 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours.

 - Two languages (English and Arabic).

 - Temperature indicator (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

 - Automatic daylight-saving time option.

 - Snooze option (every 5 minutes).

 - Audio out (Connect with speaker).

- Display city name.

- Knowing moon age.


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