D004 PBUY (Kufi) Grey

Product Description

Introducing our "Bismillah" and "Peace Be Upon You" door greeting boards, a beautiful and welcoming addition to any home or office.

Choose between boards or canvas which are carefully crafted from various high-quality materials and feature the traditional Islamic phrase, "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim" and "As-salamu alaykum" in a stylish and modern design.

Our door greeting boards are designed to create a warm atmosphere, reminding the importance of starting everything with the name of Allah & reminding visitors of the importance of peace and hospitality in Islam.

Always start with a Greeting!

1. Choose your Design
2. Choose your Type of Frame - Board Frame or Canvas
3. Both frame types comes in standard size: 40cm by 15cm
4. Choose your Frame Colour 

   - Board Frames comes in Black or White Plastic Capping

   - Canvas comes with 1 inch depth  

Lead Time: Most designs are in stock, while some requires Pre-Order. Kindly allow 2 weeks for items to be custom made and completed. We will notify you via call, sms or email to let you know your items are ready.

Delivery: $10 Delivery Charge may apply to Home Decor Purchases and Fragile Items.

$18.00 SGD
Maximum quantity available reached.

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