Complete Meal Set (The Green One) - Little Nuur

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Suitable for babies 6 months onwards

Breakfast - Pear Pudding: Oat, Pear Puree, Filtered Water

Lunch - Bubur Sumo Bilis (Anchovies Porridge) : Sumo Rice, Anchovies Broth, Filtered WateR

Dinner - Peas Twister : Barley, Peas Puree, Filtered Water

Recommended ways to keep after opening:

1) Close the cap if you’re not feeding the baby

2) Room temperature- 2 hours

3) Fridge - 2 days

4) If you would like to reheat, soak the pouch in a bowl of hot water

*If in doubt Mommies should taste and smell before feeding to baby.*

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