4 Charts (Ghusl, Wudhu, Solat, Dua after Prayer)

Product Description

4 Different Charts to grab for your home.


(WC01) Ghusl Chart:

Easy & Convenient!
Colourful Step-by-step waterproof Ghusl Chart.

(WC02) Wudhu Chart 2.0:

Many requests came in for a illustrated version of the steps to take wudhu and we finally got around to doing it. It's waterproof!

(WC03) Solat Guide: 

A perfect gift for someone just learning to pray. Illustrated step by step guide to help them remember the steps and what needs to be recited.

(FP01) Zikir After Solat Poster:

Our massively large flexi poster is the perfect after Solat companion! Just over 37"x25" . We didn't want to compile a list of adhkaar you could recite, it had be much more than that . So we included the narrations which mention the adhkaar and the virtues of reciting them, including the reference for each.


  • dua signage
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